SGR Consulting was created to bring comprehensive data analytics services and support to anyone ready to take their organization to the next level. A few years ago, Founder and CEO, Sherene Rapoport, realized that for most organizations she worked with, data analytics was usually unaffordable. Furthermore, if an organization could afford to hire a company to take a deep dive into their data, they found themselves holding so very valuable information but not a clue as to how to make it work for their organization.

Our clients, mostly fundraising and membership organizations, are able to take advantage of our resources and abilities to work with the data they have collected and to create a measurable and implementable strategic plan.

We can run just the analytics and hand you the reporting to do with as you need or we can take it up a level and add in our recommendations. And if you are ready and looking for a long term partnership, then we can also help you manage and implement the strategic plan as well as measure results and tweak the overall plan as needed!

Through our partnerships we are able to offer many of the services needed to reach and engage your donors and members. Your membership or development team will be backed up by our designers, copy writers, social media experts, telemarketing services and direct mail production. As a result, we can help you output coordinated multi channel campaigns with little effort but big results.


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SGR Consulting Team

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