Implementation Initiative

What would a 2% increase in membership mean for you?

Here’s a fun fact based on current research: Two-thirds of associations (66%) indicate an overall decrease in new members of more than 10% and 80% of trade associations report declines in new members of over 10%. (2021 Membership Marketing Report).
If this resonates with you, the Implementation Initiative can help.

Who we are

The Implementation Initiative is a partnership between industry experts in non-profit data analytics, content marketing, and branding. Our purpose is to help organizations like yours create sustainable funding to support their core mission.
We help implement membership campaigns that convert to revenue because that is how to create sustainable funding.

Sherene Rapoport

With X  years in the non-profit membership arena, Sherene manages Organization/Business Analytics with defined strategies based on data-driven information. She knows how to unravel the mystery in the numbers.


Susan Rose

Susan has spent the last  20 years helping organizations turn data into clear, concise, and on-brand messaging with the purpose of community connections and successful call-to-action campaigns. An award-winning writer, she has helped dozens of non-profit organizations reach their revenue goals.


Tess Rollins

After leading the brand marketing for large corporations, Tess has brought her expertise to the non-profit arena. An award-winning creative, she designs compelling brands to create consistent visibility and make messaging come to life.

We’d love to talk to you about your membership goals and how we can help you meet them.

Why work with the Implementation Initiative

But based on SRG’s work analyzing the data from many non-profits and associations, we believe there is a simple explanation for lower memberships that transcends the pandemic.

Members aren’t getting what they need.

The good news is the answer to what members need is in your data. Right there, just waiting to be extracted and used in your membership campaigns.

That’s right. You don’t need to guess. You don’t need to stress. You just need to have an experienced data analyst look at the numbers. Then you need a branding guru and content queen to use that information to create compelling campaigns.

ABC—analytics, branding, and content. It’s a winning combination that will help you get a minimum of a 2% increase in your membership. That number may seem small, but it is the difference between crushing your revenue goals and languishing.

Benefits of working with us

  • Re-engage lapsed members.
  • Attract new members.
  • Bump member renewals.
  • Gain insight into what members are looking for.
  • Create a steady, sustainable revenue stream.